What do These Three Things Have in Common?

Burned bacon, Ten Apples up on Top, and a glass of wine…

Burned bacon, Ten Apples up on Top, and a glass of wine…

That’s right, my youngest son is in Kindergarten and he’s learning to read.  This was a painful process with each of my children, and each one had their own quirky way of trying to sound out words.

He was doing a great job for about half of the book, but then started falling apart and tried to sound out “heart words” like “what”.  If you try to sound out that word, it doesn’t work at all.  “Wu – ha- a – t”… When!  “Wu – ha – a – t”…

Now…  I’m a professional teacher.  I taught 4th Grade (the best) for seven years.  I know that I should have realized that he was getting tired and helped him more.  But, as a mom, I also know that he tends to be lazy and silly, so I played the “bad cop” and made him finish reading the book, even though there were more “heart words” that he knows how to read, but was too tired to do a good job.

I probably ruined his love for reading tonight…  But he read the whole book, and was able to brag about that to Dad when he came home from work.  I hope I can mark this in the win column.

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