Family Bible Games Day

I’m the Children’s Ministries Director at my church.  It’s a wonderful part-time gig that lets me use my formal education (Elementary Ed), my love for the Lord, and my love for parties.
So, we started a Books of the Bible curriculum last week.  We’ll be teaching this until Easter and then continue with Lifeway’s The Gospel Project.
Why a 12 week look into the Books of the Bible?
Well…  a Top 3 List…
1.  We want the kids to be very familiar with the Bible – where things are, how to find them…  It would not be a good thing if the kids reach high school or beyond and don’t know how to find the Book of 2 Peter, and quickly.
2.  Although Bible apps are great, we want to make sure that the kids know that the Bible is a whole book.
3.  We spend 4 years in a chronological study, which is wonderful.  However, if you think about it, that’s half of their little lives.  So, a condensed time studying the Books of the Bible during elementary school will be beneficial to them.
*Last Sunday I saw more kids bringing their Bibles to Sunday School than ever before.  Awesome!  That is so great because in Sunday School, instead of using a borrowed Bible, they can get their fingerprints into their own.  They will have ownership.  “I can find what God says in my own Bible!”
(It was also very cute to see what kind of Bible the Kindergarteners brought.  My littlest son brought a fuzzy bear Bible, and another Kindergartener brought a paper Bible that she made last year in Sunday School.  So sweet!)
In addition to the Sunday School curriculum, I’m organizing 3 Family Bible Games Days.  (A little fun during the 3 most bleak months of the year – January, February, March)
*A little shout out to Pinterest for the games ideas.  Many of them actually come from Lifeway’s website:
*The RSVPs are rolling in, which always encourages me.  (I’m glad to know that people also want to have fun and strengthen their kids’ faith)  Hopefully February and March will also see a good response.  I’ll keep you posted.

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