Recap on Family Bible Game Day #1

I think the first ever (in my knowledge, at least…) Family Bible Game Day was a success!  IMG_20180114_132632724The lunch was yummy, the fellowship was fun, and the games were…  a little challenging.

The parents definitely had to help the kindergarteners, of course, and some of the parents were a little rusty with the books of the Bible in order.  I memorized them in 3rd Grade, and when I was in high school I remember being pretty mortified that I couldn’t find the humongous book of Isaiah. (And I was trying to impress a handsome young man with my Bible knowledge.  Fail!  Maybe I was just flustered… ;))  You might remember from my last post that they had to order the books written on ping pong balls, clothespins (like you see my handsome eldest son doing), etc…  It wasn’t easy.  At all.  From what I observed the New Testament cup stacking and 10 Divisions relay race were the most fun.

I asked for feedback, especially since I have 2 more planned: one in February, and one in March.  One of the moms suggested an Olympics theme.  Yes!  What a great idea!  So I’m going to figure out how to combine Bible games with Winter Olympic events.  That shouldn’t be hard, right?  Maybe I’ll even put it on Pinterest!  Oooh!!!  Stay tuned…

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