The Winter Biblympics Games 2018

What do you get when you combine Bible Games with the Winter Olympics?  Biblympics!

After my first Bible Games Day in January I asked for input, and one mom suggested an Olympics theme, and another came up with the name Biblympics.  What are friends for, right?

So today, after being sick, having sick kids and a sick husband, teacher work days, etc… I finally got my creative juices flowing to prepare for the big event.  After all, it’s in 2 Sundays.

The Winter Olympics is a little tricky to move inside with a very low budget.  There’s a lot of skiing and ice skating involved.  So, good ol’ Pinterest came in handy with some ideas of how to make skis:  I hope they hold up!

I’m going to use the same idea for speed skating, only without the cardboard, of course…


I thought these looked cute for hockey:homemade hockey sticks




Curling will be another event and I’m hoping to use handheld fans and checkers.  We’ll see…

So I put those elements together with Bible facts and here are the events:

Winter Biblympics

Station 1:  Biathlon (skiing, stacking, nerf guns)

Station 2:  Curling (fans and checkers, sword drills)

Station 3:  Hockey (tongue depressors and ping pong balls, half solo cups)

Station 4:  Speed Skating Relay (homemade skates and batons)


*These events will be timed/scored and paper plate awards will be given*

Station 1: The object of Station 1 is to ski to the cups that have been correctly stacked for you by your teammate.  You will choose a nerf gun and shoot down the cup stack from behind a certain line.  What’s the stacking order?  NT Letters!  This is a timed event.


Station 2:  The object of Station 2 is to “curl” the checkers with the Bible verses into the center rings.  When they reach the center, the other team races to look up the verse that is on the checker.  If they are able to locate the verse in less than 1 minute, they will score 1 point.  If they are able to locate the verse in less than 30 seconds, they will score 2 pointsTeams curl 5 checkers before switching.


Station 3:  The object of Station 3 is to be the first one to hit the ping pong ball into the correct goal.  The ping pong balls will be labeled with books of the Bible, and the goals will be divisions of the Bible (Pentateuch, History, Poetry, etc…)  1 point for each correct goal1 point minus for rough play or unsportsmanlike conduct.


Station 4:  The object of Station 4 is to pass the baton to the correct next leader of Israel.  The “short track” will be marked off in the basement of the Youth Room.  1 point for each correct leader, 1 point for the win.

Stay tuned for more details…




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