Recap on Biblympics 2018 – Winter Games

Yesterday I held the first ever Biblympics Winter Games at my church.  We’ve been doing a Books of the Bible curriculum, so I thought that Family Bible Games Days would be a fun thing to do.  We had one in January, which was fun, and February was even better.  It was more active…  It had more of a team/competitive spirit…  It was LOUDER!!!

There were 3 stations that they rotated through:

  1.  Biathlon:

    The idea of how to make the skis came from Pinterest.  Don’t they look very 1984?They started in the 5th Grade Sunday School Room, skied down the hallway, and into the Kids’ Worship Room.  There their teammates stacked New Testament Letters cups (Romans-Jude).  Then more teammates shot down the cups.  (There were 5 kids on each team.)

  2. The second station was Hockey!

    Both ideas came from Pinterest, and I merged them together.  There were 6 divisions of the Bible on half of a cup.  Then there were ping pong balls with a book of the Bible that fit into that category.  The teams needed to whack the ball into the correct cup.  2 teams played at once – each on half of the ping pong table.

  3. The third station was Curling Sword Drills!

    As you can see, I wrote Bible verses on little yellow dot stickers.  2 teammates would curl, with fans, the cotton ball onto the center ring (or button, as they call it in curling…).  Then the others on the team raced to find the scripture.  That might have been the favorite station.

  4. The finale was Short Track Speed Skating Relay!  I don’t have any good pictures of this but here’s how it went:  Each kid got an Old Testament leader’s name on a nametag.  They needed to put themselves in Chronological order.  Then, they used paper plates to skate around the taped-off track inside the Narthex.  I used PVC pieces at batons.  (And now you see what my living room looks like…)  We completed the day withIMG_20180203_105857929 paper plate awards (Thanks, Ravensworth Swim Team, for that idea!)  It was a great time.  There were lots of smiles, lots of laughter, and not too many tears from the little siblings.  (They were tired!)

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