Valentine’s Day 2018

Pretty much every holiday I feel would be more exciting if I had a daughter in the house.  (Sorry, guys!)  Girls usually tend to make crafts, goodies, and get into the holiday spirit.  Girls get excited.  Boys couldn’t care less.  Well, at least I remember getting excited…

So this year I thought, “Maybe if I actually DO something to help us get into the holiday spirit, the boys will follow.”  This is what I did:

IMG_20180202_155239059I made little heart pouches and encouraged my family to write love notes from February 1st until Valentine’s Day.  Then on Valentine’s Day we will get to read all of the notes of thanks and/or love.  Great idea, right?

My middle son, who loves a task, started right away.

When my husband got home, he didn’t know that he wasn’t supposed to peek, and he read some of the notes that my industrious son wrote.  I was reminded why I don’t bother to get my boys into the holiday spirit.

What did he write?  Well, one of the things was a drawing of a butt and then he labeled it, “butt”.  (Just in case you didn’t know…)

It’s February 13th, and the only people that wrote notes were me and my industrious butt drawing son.  So, I told them to write Valentines to each person in the family.  Well, at least the hearts clothesline looks cute over the fireplace…



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