Siblings Birthday 2018

Did you know that all of my siblings (I only have 2…) were born within 10 days of each other?  Well, it’s true.  I was born at the end of February, my sister 3 days later, and my brother a week after her.  There are 14 years between us, though, don’t worry…

My sister is the oldest, I’m the middle, and my brother is 10 years younger than me.  He was a bit of a surprise.  Well, he was a BIG surprise to me.

My mom threw us a birthday party every year.  One of my friends said that it was the highlight of her year.  These weren’t big over the top parties, but they were so much fun. We crammed a bunch of sweet, happy girls in my tiny house, played games, and ate the most delicious birthday cake.  What on earth could be better than that?  Nothing.

Every year my mom made the same cake – Two egg yellow cake with chocolate frosting, from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  This was birthday cake.  Any other cake wouldn’t do.DSC_0077

When I was in college, my mom surprised me on my 19th birthday by mailing me this most beloved cake.  WHAT?  Yes.  She knows me so well and loves me that much.  How did she do it?  Well, she got a cookie tin that the cake fit in perfectly, lowered it down with ribbon so I could lift it out without having to flip it, wrapped it well with plastic wrap, put it in a box, and away it went from Quincy, MA to Clemson, SC.  It arrived in perfect condition, and boy was it a great surprise.  Perhaps the best birthday present?

We all had separate birthday celebrations every year, probably because there was such an age gap between us.  We all had different friends.

It wasn’t until we were adults that we started to have Siblings Birthday Parties.  And I really love them!

Two years ago when I turned 39, my mom tried to class things up a bit and served salmon and carrot cake.  Really nice, right?  Well, we Feurtados are creatures of habit and don’t deal well with change.  We were expecting lasagna and our usual cake.  My poor mom…  we teased her about it and she, of course, got her feelings hurt.

So what did she do the next year?  Did she say, “I’m not going to cook for you because you gave me such a hard time.”?  No!  She made lasagna and TWO cakes!  And she repeated it again this year.  Two lasagnas, two cakes, two tubs of ice cream.  I seriously have the best mom.

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