Getting Ready for VBS


You might be asking yourself, “Ursula hasn’t blogged in months, and now she’s showing us a picture of painted toilet paper rolls on a pine tree.  Has she lost it?”

The answer is, “Maybe.  She’s planning VBS.”

This will be my 8th VBS this summer.  Every other year I write the curriculum from scratch.  This year it’s a construction theme.  The title?  Kids Under Construction.  I would like to publish it, so I need to come up with a unique name.  Do you have a suggestion?

Anyway, why did some moms and kids join me at the playground today to paint toilet paper rolls?  Good ol’ Pinterest, that’s why!Cardboard tube STEM activities for kids to try using cardboard rolls or tubes or even toilet paper rolls. Recycled STEM projects for Earth Day activities too! Cardboard STEM is cheap and easy to set up for home STEM activities or even classroom STEM activities.

Everyday there’s a hands-on element to VBS after the lesson.  These lovelies will appear on Day 5.  We’ll be talking about how the Holy Spirit helps us to rely on God to keep us from having a faulty, flimsy “house”.  The kids will be in teams and construct a toilet paper something or other, then they will knock it down when they shoot it with a nerf gun.

This seems to be the opposite of what our lives should be, right?  Right.  The follow up questions will address the fact that the devil will try to knock us down, but Bible reading, prayer, and the church family can help us to keep our foundation and building strong.

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