Apple Picking!

Every year we go apple picking.  We found our favorite place, although it is 1.5 hours away, in Winchester Virginia.  DSC_0013

Every year the boys get bigger and more helpful.

And every year we take the same pictures by the “How tall are you?” sign.  We’ve been going for 10 years now, so Isaac was a very little baby on our first voyage.

Daniel and I remember that trip very well because Isaac SCREAMED the whole 1.5 hours.  (He had an ouchy tummy for the first 6 months.)




Our favorite pictures of the “How tall are you?” sign were when Isaac was 1 year old.  He was getting tired, and didn’t want any of it.  This year we decided to redo those pictures, and I can’t believe that Isaac agreed to it.  So, enjoy.  (I think he did really well because we didn’t show him what his original meltdown looked like!)

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