The 3 Most Fun Hours of the Year!

That’s how I describe Cornerstone’s Fall Festival.  It truly is the most fun 3 hours of the year.  (At least at my church)  This year it was fun, but not the most fun.  The weather was cold and wet.  BUT!  It stopped raining right when the event started, so praise God!  The numbers were smaller, of course, but the people who came had a great time.

fall festival #6
Martin Luther and his super sister
fall festival #5
Can you guess which one is my kid?

fall festival #4

fall festival #3


The Fall Festival is held on the last Saturday before Halloween.  It is great fun.  The kids love it.  We invite our neighbors, VBS kids, Good News Bible Club kids, and the International Friends Ministry.  The IFs really add an element of fun.  They come from all over the world to the States to study English.  One of my missionary friends took advantage of this and started a ministry to them called International Friends.  They can study the Bible, or just practice their English.  They choose.  One of the draws of this group is that they get to experience typical American things, like Halloween, Christmas, and casseroles!  They can be paired up with people from our church and enter an American home.  It’s a really fantastic ministry.  It’s fun, and we’ve seen fruit from it.


And here’s a picture of a staple of the Fall Festival:  Pete Hill, the Music Man.  He played and sang on and off for 3 hours.  And he always ASKS me if he can do it!  Yes please!

fall festival 2018 #2

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