5-10 Minute Christmas Plays are the Best!

The Children’s Ministries Director before me suggested that I get into a rhythm of a 3 year rotation of major events at Christmas and Easter time.

I had one MAJOR event established for me at Easter.  Resurrection Celebration.

A Christmas play is a given for Christmas (although we hadn’t done one in a while because of lack of kids!), and right before she stepped down, as her final hurrah, the former Children’s Ministries Director gave us the gift that keeps on giving, a living nativity right in the Fellowship Hall.  I thought that she was crazy.  I tried to get out of it.  But I can’t.  Wait until you see the pictures next year.

Last year at the Church Family Christmas Dinner, it was fun and games and creativity.  That’s my low-key year.

This was the year for the Christmas play!  Thankfully my church is pretty laid back when it comes to things like this.  They don’t expect a polished Broadway extravaganza.  The parents are happy that we don’t hold many rehearsals.  (This was my 3rd play, and this year was the first time that I had a rehearsal after church.)

A 5-10 minute play is just our size.  Last time we acted out the picture book, Song of the Stars, by Sally Lloyd Jones.  It was a cute little play.  I needed something similar.

One of my friends has a tradition to give each of her kids a Christmas book on Christmas.  I knew she was the one to talk to!  She had one in mind, called Birds of Bethlehem, by Tomie DePaola.  (That’s me holding the book.)

me showing the book

I emailed the parents about the upcoming play, and asked if anyone wanted to help me.  3 wonderful moms stepped up!  And oh boy did they step up!

It must be nice to be artistic.  Check out the bird costumes.  They’re amazingly beautiful.

group of happy birds


Not only did two wonderfully artistic and talented moms make the bird costumes, I also employed one of their husbands to make a simple, rustic stable.  Nothing fancy.

I was blown away at his craftmanship!  (I think the kids were too!)

Now what’s a Christmas play without adorable shepherds, sheep, and angels?

Most importantly, the person I always cast first. Who will play Baby Jesus?  Baby Isaiah and his big sister Rahel were cast as those roles one day at the playground after church.  My son, Isaac, who’s known Rahel since birth, was on the playground too.  So, she asked him to be Joseph.  Joseph is the strong silent type, right?

The play was so incredibly cute.  And I didn’t even have to direct it!  I’ve learned after 2 previous plays that I don’t have the skills of directing plays.  It was so wonderful to have a team working with me.  (Maybe that was the big thing that was missing those other two times…)

And I have to add one more thing.  Before the play the kids sang the song “No Room”.  It’s a beautiful, deep, and touching song.  It talks about how there was no room for Jesus, only a cattle shed, only a borrowed tomb.  Will you still say to him, “No room”?

One of the dads, who has been struggling with his faith, was very moved by that song.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he returns to Christ because of a children’s Christmas song?


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