Training for the USLL CCT Marathon

I love this picture because my face says, “We’ll see!”


Well, I thought that I would keep it a secret for various reasons (mostly because the last time I announced that I was going to run a marathon my mom said, “No.  You’re not going to run a marathon.”)

But…  last Saturday my friend Laurie and I ran 16 miles, so it’s seems like training is going well and we just might run the US LL CCT Marathon.  It stands for Ursula Schuttinga Laurie LeRoy Cross County Trail.  It’s scheduled for the middle of April.  Since it’s just the 2 of us, we can be flexible about the date.  If it’s bad weather, we can adjust.

So why in the world would I want to do this?  Well, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2002.  I did a nice comfortable pace and finished in 4.36:52.  When I was training I really had no idea how fast I was running each mile.  On race day I just picked an easy pace that I knew that I could maintain for the whole thing.  10:20mm.

I know I can run a marathon faster than that.




However, I said over and over again for 16 years that I had no desire to run another marathon.  Here’s my list of reasons why:  My IT band bothers me.  The training takes too much time.  Last time I ran a marathon I didn’t use the bathroom at all – that’s an issue now!

But, in November 2018 I said to my buddy Laurie, “Hey!  Do you want to run a New Year’s 10 Miler on the CCT?”  She’s always game for running with me.  “Sure!”

Then, a half baked idea started forming…  If we keep adding miles, we could run a marathon on the same day as the Boston Marathon…  Should we?  Could we?  Let’s find out!


I found a training plan that looked good to us, since we’re not early risers and pretty busy.  It’s a “Long Run, Medium Run on Saturdays” kind of a plan.  (For instance, last Saturday we ran 16 miles.  This Saturday we’ll run 8 miles.  The next week we’ll run 18.)

We’re supposed to run 5,6,3 miles on 3 other days during the week.

I’m hoping that we’ll run a 9:30mm average.  That would be a 4.09:05 marathon.  That will be tough to do, but we’ll see.  Our 16 miler was a 9:20mm average.  (But we stopped our watches when we took a bathroom break!  In a real marathon, the clock would keep ticking, of course.)  I think since it’s an unofficial marathon, we’ll stop our watches.  I mean, come on.  How many people just decide to run an unofficial marathon.  (Again, we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the training goes!) 




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