Coronavirus Crazy

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What’s that a picture of?  Coronavirus, AKA Covid 19

This illness has caused a panic that I’ve never seen before.  The grocery stores are depleted.  Schools are closed for at least 4 weeks.  College kids were sent home to finish their classes online.  Sports have been either canceled or put on hold, from Tee ball to the Major leagues.  We’re supposed to keep a “Social Distance” from each other.

So, what’s this former 4th Grade teacher going to do with her 3 adorable sons?  Homeschool them!

Caleb, who has been working crazy all year, and is receiving an excellent accelerated education at his school, will be reading the newspaper and will be the producer of the WSCH News Show.  (He’s also going to learn the States and Capitals and practice his tuba!)

I have been frustrated with the lack of writing that Isaac has done at his school, and when I see writing coming home, it is, in my opinion, unacceptable.  So, a week before schools were shut down, I purchased the writing curriculum that I used to teach when I was teaching at Trinity.  That will be his main focus, but he’ll also learn how to write in cursive, memorize the States and Caps, sharpen those math facts, practice the baritone, as well as assist in the WSCH News.

Little Nathan’s spelling and handwriting is very poor, so he will be doing a phonics book, practice getting those letters the correct shape and size, reading and writing book reports, sharpening his math facts, and he’ll be the weatherman for WSCH.  I think I’ll also have him read his book reports on Friday.

They’ll be learning life skills, like how to turn on the stove, follow a recipe, clean the bathroom…

At 2pm they’ll be going outside for PE (ride their bikes around the lake, play catch, etc…). And that’s when I’ll try to get some of my work done.

It’ll be a very interesting few weeks, months, who knows how long.  I’ll keep you posted.



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