Coronavirus Homeschool Day 1

“Stay at home and don’t talk to people?  I was born for this!” said my hilarious and introverted husband.  Well, he went off to work today and I stayed home with the boys.

All sharpened up and ready to go!

Being a former 4th Grade teacher and a homebody has probably helped me ease into this sudden new norm.

There have been some areas of my younger boys’ 21st Century schooling that has left me a little disappointed. Written communication seems to have taken a backseat. When you have lots of kids at different learning levels, teaching them how to write is a difficult task. So, I get this chance (probably at least eight weeks) to try to give them a solid foundation.

How scheduled is this school? I love a schedule!

8am- Wake up, make bed, straighten room, make your own breakfast (Today Caleb cooked oatmeal for 3 of us.) Lighting the gas stove is a little scary. For both of us.

I think this was the first time that they have ever made their beds.

9:15am- Walk Lizzie the Dog

9:45am- Bible reading on your own

10am- 6th Grader Caleb: Read The Washington Post online and prepare the WSCH News Show. (Daniel found some good articles for him ahead of time.)

The news reporter with two computers!

10am- 5th Grader Isaac: Writing from the Institutes for Excellence in Writing Curriculum (I used to teach from this at Trinity.)

Isaac looking up the definitions of his vocabulary words in a dictionary!

10am- Nathan: Handwriting, States and Caps, Phonics

My little lefty trying his hardest to write legibly.
The USA puzzle… Brings back childhood memories…

11am- Isaac: Math facts, cursive handwriting, States and Caps

11am- Nathan: Math facts, reading, write a book report

12pm- Everyone makes their own lunch and prepares for WSCH

1:15pm- Record the WSCH News Show:

1:30pm- Music (tuba, baritone, piano) (and Caleb needs his turn with the USA puzzle)

1:45pm- Chores (We ran out of time today)

2pm- PE! Caleb and Isaac rode their bikes around Lake Accotink (4.2 miles) and Nathan biked while Lizzie and I ran an out and back 3.4 miles on the trail

3pm- Free time

6pm- Get ready for supper (help Mom cook, set the table, clean up, etc…)

Because there’s not much traffic these days, Dad should come home earlier than usual! Hurray!

Hopefully Day 2 will go as well as it did today.

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