Coronavirus Homeschool Day 2

If I’m buying tulips at the grocery store at 6am, you know things are a little funky, but we’re thriving in the midst of the weird.

Yes, I went to the grocery store at 6am to get a whole week’s worth of groceries, and I’m so glad to report that I was able to purchase almost everything that I wanted to. I’m very glad that my taste in toilet paper is unlike everyone else’s. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) And I’m also very happy that I make bread at home, since there was no bread on the shelves.

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, our schedule was very similar to yesterday’s, but we had a wee bit of St. Patrick’s Day fun mixed in.

While the boys walked Lizzie, I whipped up some green sugar cookies for later.

For my Massachusetts family, these are “Millie’s Sugar Cookies”

Nathan completed (with some help!) a book report on “Sam the Minuteman”. His teacher had mentioned that he struggled with recalling key details in stories, so I was able to assist him with that today. We’ll definitely do this at least once a week.

This was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. And this is my copy.
I think that they’ll have the USA mastered soon. Maybe we can add the Coronavirus count to each state. 😦
Nathan did a LOT of writing today and took a Lizzie snuggle break.

After the boys ate lunch and filmed WSCH, it was time for PE. Our neighborhood took part in a Shamrock Scavenger Hunt today. I helped the boys map out their route through the neighborhood. They biked while Lizzie and I took a walk on the Lake Accotink trail. Boy was it busy!

After the scavenger hunt, they finally got to eat the cookies!
Hellebores, or Lenten Rose

During free time (3-6pm), I did a lot of yard work. Isaac helped Papa Jim assemble a cabinet. Caleb and Nathan played out front, then sought out their buddies up the street. I’m so grateful for the wonderful weather and wonderful boys.

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