Day Four and the Weather is Fine

Today was a little different in the world of homeschooling because I was invited to play tennis at the nearby park with some neighbors. So… the boys did Bible differently and they had art!

In the morning, I sat down with the boys and talked about what should be in the newscast. We made it a little more personal. My aunt Cathy and uncle Larry suggested that the boys have a musical opener for the show, and Caleb thought of something that he had played for Area Band. It was perfect!

Nathan practiced his handwriting and was so pleased with his work that he asked me to take a picture of it to show it to his teacher.

At 12ish I left to play tennis, and the boys watched “What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver” on the brand new dotcom called I think that the author, Phil Vischer, creates terrific material.

MPTV logo dark blue 750px.png

After that, they did art by watching one of their old favorite author/illustrators, Mo Willems. He started a lunchtime doodle because of all of the kids at home.

This was the first day that Daniel worked from home, and he only had to yell at the boys once. Not bad. He set up camp in the boys’ toy room.

Thankfully the weather continues to be beautiful, so the boys enjoyed playing outside in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is Daniel’s 10th day of his “9/80” work schedule, so he’ll be off! I plan to do school with the boys until lunch, and then we’ll go hiking. I think we’ll do the news show on location. Stay tuned!

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