Coronavirus Fridays = Hiking Days (at least for now…)

Today definitely had a more casual feel. Daniel didn’t have to work because it’s his 10th day of his 9/80 work schedule. We all slept in (even Lizzie) and only concentrated on one subject, which was writing.

Caleb wrote a summary of the week.

Isaac continued in his Institutes for Excellence in Writing.

Nathan wrote a summary of one of my favorite childhood picture books. I really, really need to help him develop the skills to understand the important concepts in the story. He seems to lack the ability to differentiate between minute details in the story verses key concepts.

Laundry, vacuuming, straightening all happened, and voila! It was noon! After the boys ate lunch on their fort, we headed out of our neighborhood. This was the first time that the boys had left our neighborhood since Sunday. (I’m forever grateful for living a stone’s throw from Lake Accotink!) We went for a hike in one of the many wonderful parks in Fairfax County.

This is in Clifton, Virginia. It’s a popular spot for 6th Grade field trips because it has a challenge course. Daniel went on an overnight field trip here when we was in 6th Grade, and Caleb took a day trip to Hemlock this past fall with his school.

Lizzie loves these hikes a little too much.

The bluebells are just starting to bloom. The hike was loaded with them. Next week it will be beautiful. Out of all of the spring wildflowers, these are my favorite ephemerals.
Gotta love a stream crossing!

I had a great week with my boys, but it was also exhausting. On our drive home I told Daniel that we should have a date night every week on our patio. So tonight we told the boys to eat their supper without bossing each other around and watch TV when they were done. We’re going to have a date. They were a little weirded out. Having homemade pizza on the patio with just Daniel and no other noise was the best way to end the week.

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