Zooming Children's Sunday School

Miss Ursula’s ready to go to church!

Well, today was a first for me. I went to an empty church to Zoom Sunday School. Everyone stayed home except for the pastor and his wife, two musicians, one IT guy who juggled 10 balls in the air the whole time to make this work, and the chairman of the Elders. (And Hal)

After the pastor delivered the sermon, I got on and presented children’s Sunday School. Thankfully we have a video that goes with the lesson, so the IT guy was able to show that after we sang, practiced our catechism, worked on our memory verse, and I introduced the lesson. For the first time doing a service and Sunday School like this, it went really well! There were a couple of glitches to figure out and my power point of Bible people wasn’t able to be shown, but I think that having more IT guys remotely working on Zoom will solve those problems.

Zoom has become a new thing for me (and many people I think). I’ll also be doing a midweek Zoom with the kids so they can chat with each other and be encouraged. Since Easter is approaching, I’ll be demonstrating little things to do at home to get our hearts ready for that wonderful celebration.

If you’re interested in being part of our Sunday Worship, look at our website for more information: http://www.cornerstoneefree.org

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