Coronavirus Homeschool Day 7

Because the governor announced that public schools will be closed for the rest of the school year, I looked into Khan Academy for math. For years I’ve heard great things about this website, but I haven’t needed it until now.

Nathan doing math online.

Isaac is really doing a great job with the Institutes for Excellence in Writing curriculum. Because it’s one-on-one, he’s able to fly through it. He’s even using the strategies that he’s learning when he’s taking notes for the WSCH News Show. Hurray!

Something funny that we did today was a cupcake skit for Sunday School.

The backstory behind this is The Gospel Project has a video lesson, which is phenomenal. They also have a shorter video which is supposed to be application. Their application videos were funny and quirky, and the kids loved them, especially the ones that featured the cupcakes. Recently, The Gospel Project did away with the funny videos and went to a more meaningful one. However, the kids really miss the cupcakes.

The playdough cupcake. Mmmmm……..

So my sister and I were brainstorming the other day and she jokingly said that I could make cupcake videos for the kids. She’s a genius!

Every Wednesday during our social distancing I’ll be doing a Zoom call with the Cornerstone kids, Preschool-6th Grade. (Pray for me!) The cupcakes will make their debut this Wednesday, but I’ll be showing them on Sunday during Zoom Sunday School. My boys will need to use their creative juices every week to develop a new skit to “match” the lesson. (These videos were always a little bit of a stretch.)

I wish that I had a picture to highlight this, but I let the boys bike about 3 miles (6 miles total) on the Cross County Trail to a creek to throw rocks for PE. I think that this (biking to and playing at a creek without parents) was a first for them, and especially Nathan. I did some work from home, and after about 30 minutes I took Lizzie for a run. We met the boys when they were 1 mile from home. Lizzie was NOT happy about going a different way on the trail to get home!

Our Community Group Bible Study met at 6:30 over Zoom to chat over supper and then again at 7:30 to discuss the sermon. It was tough for me to focus. My days are so full. But, it was great to banter with everyone. The reunion will be so sweet when we can meet in person again.

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