Coronavirus Homeschool Day 8

Today was another rainy day, but we accomplished a lot. (And the boys also got to watch a good deal of beloved screens…)

First order of business was chores. Nathan vacuumed, Caleb and Isaac took care of walking Lizzie and bringing the trash cans in.

The old pencil sharpener got a workout today. Manual sharpeners bring me back to my grammar school days. Not only for school, but my grandparents had one in their basement. I went over there after school a LOT when I was in 4th and 5th grade, so I did a lot of homework and pencil sharpening.

This is what they looked like when they came out of the oven, before the flip!

Caleb saw the cover of Bon Appetit and wanted to make sticky buns. The recipe called for a lot of dates, so I decided to look up the recipe in Joy of Cooking.

With all of the rises, it took 4 hours. During the first rise, my BRF (best running friend) Laurie and I ran 4 miles with Lizzie the Dog. We were rebels and entered the Wakefield parking lot even though we weren’t supposed to.

Daniel had to go into the office because of running tests, or something was classified… I don’t know. But! What I DO know is that on his way home, he was able to buy eggs for us and Miss Irma! Score!

And to wrap up the day, I had my first Zoom meeting with the Sunday School kids, Preschool-6th Grade. Most of the kids were K-4th, as I expected. It was fun. The kids loved seeing each other and acting silly. I hope that it will continue as long as we need to be separated.

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