Day 9 of Coronavirus Homeschool

Don’t you just love moss?

Today felt very much like a day during spring break. We did very little school. In fact, the only schoolwork we did was preparing for the WSCH News, and Isaac worked on Typing Club. (He thinks that his own way of typing is better. He’s wrong.)

We biked two miles on the trail to our favorite beach along the Accotink stream and met a mom from church and her five year old son. They boys had a great time scrambling and throwing rocks. The moms had a great time catching up. Now more than ever we parents are saying things like, “Be careful! The last thing we need is a trip to the ER!” So, I was nervous for a second when I saw Nathan slip and tumble, face first, out of a tree. Thankfully he was low on the tree, and he landed on sand. No harm.

Oh my goodness. He really can’t be any cuter.

We met our friends at 10am, and that was great because other people started to arrive around 12. We ate lunch in the backyard, and then it was time to research for the news. Caleb was curious about a type of tree, and why its bark peeled. He was also curious about yeast, since he helped me make sticky buns yesterday. We researched those topics as well as the question from our little friends in Charlottesville. Daniel sent Caleb an article about Major League Baseball, Nathan read his book report, Isaac looked up the weather, and there you have it! A terrific news show!

Lettuce that overwintered.

After filming the news, back outside we went! I transplanted the hyacinths and planted broccoli, sugar snap peas and spinach.

We had a fabulous day. I’m going to look back at these glory days when the novelty wears off.

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