Double Digits!

Today marked the 10th day of Coronavirus homeschool, and the 11th day off of school. We’ve got 49 school days to go before “Summer Vacation”. Brace yourselves, everybody! I just might have the boys do some work during “Spring Break”. Why not? They’re only working for a couple of hours during the day anyway. The teachers will soon start sending work online, but I hope that I will still have time to work on writing with Isaac and phonics with Nathan, and of course, have time to do the WSCH News! But, I also hope that the actual schoolwork will allow me to get more of MY work for Children’s Ministries accomplished. That has definitely been a bit of an afterthought and has taken a backseat these last two weeks.

Today is Friday. Daniel has been working from home as much as he can. Since he’s not commuting, he can sleep in a bit and still work enough hours to be able to take a break on Friday afternoons for a bit. (Don’t worry, Brian, he’s working right now!)

Since it’s another warm spring day, we took a walk to the Accotink dam and creek to try to fish. This is something that we’ve talked about doing with Isaac for a while, but just never did. I think that a lot of people are doing things now that they never had time for. Spoiler alert: We didn’t catch any fish. The boys had a lot more fun throwing rocks.

Why is Caleb so glum? He sliced his thumb a little with his pocketknife when he was trying to carve an ironic message in the fallen down tree. I wonder if the ER is seeing more “adventure wounds” now that a lot of people are hiking, biking, etc…

Earlier in the day, Isaac had a Zoom meeting with one of his friends. We got the idea to play Uno on Zoom from our buddies up the street. Thanks!

Earlier in the week, Cici (Daniel’s mom) dropped off some puzzles for the boys to do. Look at Daniel in the background! PJs at noon? Busted!!!

Nathan definitely needs to work on his spatial relationship and logic skills. It’s almost as if he had never done a puzzle by himself before… (I blame myself.)

It was another great day. Since it’s Friday and it’s warm, maybe Daniel and I will have another Patio Date while the boys eat supper inside. I bet it won’t be hard to convince him.

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