Homeschool Meltdowns on Day 11

Nathan being pathetic

Well, today wasn’t Nathan’s best day. He just finished Charlotte’s Web on Saturday. We watched the movie that night. Hurray! I sat down with him earlier that day and he dictated a book report to me. I wrote notes in key word outline form for him to translate into a book report during the next week. It was 24 sentences long, so I broke it up into 4-six sentence chunks. Writing is arduous for him. His handwriting is terrible. I’ve been working with him on this. Why should I care if his handwriting is terrible? They’ll mostly be writing on the computer and smartphones. Well, it’s mostly a matter of doing your best work. Handwriting that is illegible is not your best. I’m not looking for perfect, but I am looking for effort. I told him that he needed to pay close attention to his handwriting because he would be needing to do some handwriting pages if he doesn’t form those letters correctly that I’ve been working with him over the last 2 weeks. Well… Let’s just say that there were a few meltdowns, he lost 3 pom pon balls, I sent him outside to do a puzzle to step away from the situation, and then there were more meltdowns about the puzzle. Oh brother! He completed the puzzle rather quickly on his own inside after I turned on some music for him. It’s amazing what music can do. Handwriting pages will be waiting for him tomorrow. (But I think I’ll also throw in a couple of Hershey’s kisses as a bonus for doing a good job. Stay tuned…)

Isaac had some meltdowns over typing club. “I just want to type my own way!!!” He might be the recipient of some Hershey’s kisses tomorrow too.

Caleb has had the easiest homeschool assignments, by far. No school meltdowns, but his littlest brother sure is getting under his skin. Personal meltdown.

As I was literally running away from home with my running buddy, I told Caleb to get over it and move on with his day. When I came back home, thankfully, everyone was happy. Maybe Mom just needed to go away! (By the way, my running buddy and I were running to celebrate the one year anniversary of our homemade marathon. If you haven’t read that blog yet, it’s pretty funny.)

The governor issued a “Stay at home” order until June 10th. Ugh. The boys didn’t take the news very well about us limiting their time with their friends up the street.

But, the evening improved our spirits because Daniel smoked and pulled pork for supper, the weather was warm enough to eat outside, and we played a game with Cici and Papa Jim over the computer using Zoom.

Playing Codewords with Cici and Papa Jim

The boys haven’t been in a car and out of the neighborhood in a week and a half. I need to go to church tomorrow to get something, so I’ll take them with me and they can play on the field for a change of scenery. Hopefully that will help to improve spirits tomorrow.

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