Back on Track for Day 12

The boys have been working hard and cooperating very well with a teacher who lives with them and gives them quick feedback that is not always filled with praise. I expect their best work. As you might have read, Monday had some meltdowns. So, I had to think about making Tuesday a success. We needed a bit of a break from the norm.

I had waaaaay over purchased Hershey’s kisses at Christmastime. I broke open that bag and used them as rewards. Everyone gets rewarded for their work somehow, right? They’ll receive a kiss for meeting certain criteria. And because they’re working for that kiss, they’ll do their best and receive gushing praise from their mom/teacher. It’s a win-win. And… it worked!

The boys had not been in a car to go out of the neighborhood for a week and a half. I needed to go to church to get something for Sunday’s lesson, so they went with me with the promise of playing 4 square in the parking lot. A change of scenery was a breath of fresh air.

While I was making supper, I ordered them to play in the backyard with the dog for a half and hour. While ignoring the dog, (poor Lizzie!) Caleb found that one of the many patches of clover had a bunch of 4 leaf clovers! So, I got to find my first 4 leaf clover today!

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