April Fool’s Day and Homeschool Day #13

I got fooled by two of my boys today. They were good because they were completely believable. (They’re a little private, so I won’t disclose what they said…)

Today was another good day. Not much to report, other than the fact that we are starting to get ready for Easter. I’m pretty excited about it, because in the last few years, the boys have been busy with school and baseball, and then we have been traveling during spring break lately, too. This year we can do fun egg things (provided we can buy eggs at the store) and also today Nathan and I made a Resurrection Garden:

We scavenged around the yard for rocks, sticks, and dirt. Daniel bought grass seed last week in our never ending struggle to grow grass in our yard. (I think we need to give up until the boys move out!)

There you have it, the thirteenth day of homeschooling.

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