Friday Fun Day (Well, at Least in the Afternoon…) Homeschool Day 15

That’s a handsome guy!

Fridays are fun days, at least in the afternoon… Since Daniel is working from home and works a 9/80 work schedule, he has every other Friday off.

The boys worked until noon, then lounged around and played in the backyard. Finally, we were all ready to go for a bike ride adventure. The boys wanted to go to the place that I let them venture off to all by themselves a couple of weeks ago, but it was already taken up by another family. Daniel knew about a super cool trick/mountain bike place off the beaten path. It’s pretty impressive that avid bikers spend their time building and maintaining this place. AND! We got to see one guy going super airborne over the manmade bike ramps. We found smaller ones that the boys were able to handle, but it was still a challenge. Did Mom try? No, I did not. I figure that one of my jobs is to let Daniel be like Superman to them. (And I also had no desire to do it, let’s be honest!)

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