Spring Break Week = Science Week! Coronavirus Homeschool Day 16

Today was something new. I taught all of the boys the same thing at the same time. That meant that the WSCH News easel turned into the school whiteboard!

Since it’s “Spring Break” in Fairfax County, I decided to change things up and take a break from all of the writing that we’ve been doing, and do a week of science. I’ve got the week mapped out with various activities.

Today we started with two things that can be carried out throughout the week: Naked Egg and Fibonacci. (We also did magic muck because of one of the news stories on WSCH…)

Let’s start with the Naked Egg!

Caleb is studiously writing down his observations in his science notebook. There’s a bit of writing in science, boys!

The Naked Egg, I hope, will be pretty cool. An egg dunked in vinegar for 12-24 hours is supposed to dissolve the egg shell, leaving the egg with only a thin membrane to protect it. However, you’re supposed to be able to do a bunch of things with this naked egg, like bounce it, show osmosis by submerging it in water and seeing how it expands, or shrinking it by putting it in something viscous, like corn syrup. I hope that it will be a cool thing to do throughout the week. (Or maybe just on Tuesday, we’ll see…)

Fibonacci! Have your ever heard of him? Or have you ever heard of the Fibonacci Sequence? Or the Golden Ratio? It’s amazingly cool. I won’t take the time to explain it, but here’s a link that will: https://lumalearn.com/fibonacci-numbers-and-the-attributes-of-god/ I believe that God is a God of order, so when He created the world, He did so in an orderly way. He took the chaos of the universe and carefully organized it to be beautiful and to actually work! A couple of weeks ago, we had a Zoom lesson on how the eye works with one of my cousins who is an ophthalmologist. She marvels, as we all should, about the complexity of the eye, and how we are able to see correctly and send messages to our brain. The psalmist says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Alright, back to the Fibonacci Sequence… It’s all around you in nature. Flower petals, seed spirals, snails, how we decorate or plant our flowers… we are unknowingly seeing the fingerprint of God everywhere.

Creeping Phlox- 5 flower petals
Azalea – 5 flower petals

This week has a lot of fun exploration in store for us. Can’t wait!

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