A Long, but Good, Tuesday of Coronavirus Homeschooling, Day 17

Wiping down all groceries and giving our produce a bath. Coronavirus Tuesday mornings.

The day started early for me as I rolled out of bed to make it to the grocery store by 7am in hopes of getting all of the food that we need for the week and to not bump into very many people. Hurray for both of those things! (But I can’t wait until there’s flour and toilet paper back on the shelves when I go…) I also was able to get almost all of the groceries for my sweet neighbors and visit with them for a tiny bit. I can’t wait until we can chat on the sofa for a good long time!

After breakfast I sent the boys off to take Lizzie for a walk. The oldest and youngest came back fighting. The weather was wonderful; too wonderful to start school. So, I sent them off to ride bikes. The youngest really wanted to go, so he promised that he would cooperate. A mile into their ride (still in the neighborhood) the youngest one fell. Although they took their Relay Go with them, I was mowing the lawn, so I didn’t know that they were trying to get my attention. Isaac rode back to tell me all about it. I picked up Nathan, brought him home (he’s fine) and the older two went on their merry way to their mountain bike destination for an hour and a half. Nathan is definitely winning in the coronavirus band aid competition!

Nathan’s had 6 band aids in the last 3 1/2 weeks. And I can’t even count how many bruises he has!
Thanks, Dad, for greasing our bike chains…

Finally, after lunch, we were ready to do school. (And it rained in the afternoon, so the timing was perfect!)

A taller and deeper glass did a better job of getting the egg ready.
This one soaked in one of Grammie Sweeney’s wine glasses.

We started to rub off whatever was left of the egg shell. One more day of soaking in vinegar, and we can do our naked egg tricks. I mean… experiments…

Next we moved on to marbles and the study of energy. One of the things we did was kind of make a Newton’s cradle. The boys love to build, so they enjoyed making marble tracks for the marbles to go down. I had them measure the height and length of their masterpieces and they timed the marbles as they went down.

Tier one
Tier two
Tier three

Caleb is a master builder. He’s been crafting things like this as soon as he could stack.

Hopefully we’ll have a great time tomorrow with our truly naked eggs!

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