Not Much Schoolwork Done on Coronavirus Homeschool Day 18!

Lettuce getting a good bath – lots of little slugs!
All washed and ready to eat!

My laziness is paying off. I finally planted lettuce this past fall. I’ve wanted to do it for years, but never got around to prepping a place in the garden. This time, I reserved a certain section for only asparagus, spinach, and lettuce. It’s my original little square garden plot from 15 years ago. Well, after I planted it, I was too lazy to pick it! It overwintered, and now it’s ready to be eaten! I don’t know if this would be okay to do every fall/winter/spring. This past winter was so mild. Maybe that helped the lettuce survive. I don’t know. What I DO know is that I’m super psyched to be eating lettuce from my garden in early April. We won’t be eating the lettuce that I just planted by seed until June, probably.

The boys were pretty slow about getting out of bed today, which I figure is A-Okay. After all, it’s “Spring Break”. They ate their breakfast and then headed downstairs to play with the marble tracks, their newly rediscovered toys. They were playing so nicely and Lizzie had already gone for a run with me earlier in the morning, so I decided to let them play indefinitely. When 12:00 rolled around, I told them to go out to play in the backyard with Lizzie. Well, 5 hours later, they came back inside. No schoolwork for them today! They got along all. day. long!

They played in this tree for at least an hour. Timed competitions, acrobatics, eating their lunch…

Rain is coming tomorrow, so back to Science Week we go!

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