Fairfax County Public Schools: 0 Bad Kids: 3

Thank you, FCPS, for thinking that all children in Fairfax County Public Schools would be scholarly and kind online. They act that way all the time, so of course, when you tell them that nothing will be graded, everything is optional, and school will be closed for the rest of the year, they will enter the online classroom ready to learn. As you might tell by my sarcasm, that’s the opposite of what happened. Kids (especially lovely teenagers) logged on to their sessions with inappropriate false names, screamed obscenities during the class, and you can imagine the other issues that happened. (One of my high school teacher friends shared a bit of what happened when she tried to teach on Tuesday.) Thankfully, my kids are still in elementary school, so they didn’t have to experience any of that.

On Tuesday night we got a text from FCPS that there would be a 2 hour delay on Wednesday. At 10:46, I got an email from Nathan’s teacher saying that they couldn’t access Blackboard, so there would be no class at 11am. I prepared Caleb for the same news. About midday, FCPS said that classes were canceled for the day. And tonight, a text was sent out saying that school was canceled for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is Thursday, April 16th. The last day my kids were in school was Thursday, March 12th. Get your act together, FCPS. You’re supposed to be the best school system in the country.

County update over. Now onto Schuttinga School!

Nathan and I have been reading Little House in the Big Woods together. We’re almost done! Today we read about what happened to a naughty little boy, so I thought that it would be a great chapter for him to summarize on paper. We did a key word outline to organize his thoughts, and then he wrote 8 sentences because he’s 8 years old. He’ll finish the rest tomorrow.

Caleb worked solely on WSCH. He’s a slow worker.

Isaac continued to work on his writing through Institutes for Excellence in Writing (boy, am I glad that I bought that before schools closed!) and he also did a little writing for WSCH.

I feel like they didn’t really accomplish that much, probably because they were expecting to have online school and that threw them off. Anyway, I encouraged them to work extra hard tomorrow so they’ll have less work on Friday.

I really hope that they will be able to have online school next week. They were really happy to connect with their teachers and friends.

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