Fairfax County Public Schools Threw in the Towel, but I Won’t!

Today was Nathan’s 3rd and final day with online teaching. The teachers went through so much training to prepare and did so much work, and now they’re having to switch gears. Thankfully, it’s back to a more familiar platform. Before they closed the schools, I talked with Nathan’s teacher about the possibility of distance learning, and she was hoping that she and her students would be able to use Google Classroom, because that’s what they were all used to. Well, she got her wish, after 2 failed attempts by FCPS to use Blackboard and a lot of wasted time and effort. Nathan doesn’t seemed bothered by it, but I was tearing up as I overheard the teachers saying how much they miss their students.

After Nathan left the chat session with the teachers, he wanted to see if he had enough money to buy something. Math!

Nathan’s spelling is atrocious. I’ve been teaching him phonics through a workbook, and this week we’re doing a review. He had a 21 word pretest on Monday, of which he spelled 10 correctly. So, I cut up little squares of paper and put letters on them. The letters in red are letter combinations with a silent letter. I think tomorrow I’ll give him a quiz and he’ll have to spell them with these squares.

Reading and Writing: We started Farmer Boy yesterday. I love Almanzo. His work ethic is amazing. He’ll do a summary of one of the chapters this week as well.

Everyday Nathan will log on to see what (optional) assignments his teacher has assigned. We’ll pick and choose.

Isaac actually had math through online teaching today. I wonder if his teachers are going to be rebels and continue to teach until someone finds out and shuts it down. Go 5th Grade!

He also worked on his assignments from me (writing, typing, WSCH) and he played the baritone for quite some time. His band director is terrific. There’s a thing called “Flipbook” where he can record himself playing, he submits it, and he can also see others from the class performing. She has already given him feedback and that’s the kind of thing that really motivates him. He loves instant praise.

CALEB’s teachers have put a whole week’s worth of assignments up on the website, so he started working on those. I’m going to have to set a timer for him, because he’s a bit of a slow worker. I can imagine him taking all day on something that should only take an hour. He also worked on WSCH and played the tuba.

So is this our new normal??? I have no idea. I just know that the spectacular schedule that I made probably needs to be adjusted yet again.

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