Fishing and a Rainy Afternoon

Every other Tuesday when I go grocery shopping, I also shop for our beloved neighbors, Edd and Irma. Often after I do them a favor, the 87 year old husband says that if there’s anything that he can do for me, let him know. One time, maybe 5 years ago, when he was a young 82, he returned the shoveling favor by walking his snowblower over to our house to clear our sidewalk. I was so embarrassed that an octogenarian was shoveling for us. I guess I know how he and Irma feel, because they always yell at me when I shovel them out.

Well, I thought of something that Edd could do for us on Tuesday!

Edd loves fishing. Until recently, he went quite often. Because of the stay at home order, the boys have had lots of free time in the afternoons. They have taken up fishing at our neighborhood lake, Lake Accotink. (We WON’T be eating the fish!)

The boys only had 1 fishing pole. I figured that Edd might have at least one to spare. Well, when I asked, he told me that he had 15 in his basement! Later that day, not only did he give my boys 4 fishing poles, but also hooks, lures, weights, a filet board, and a net! The boys were sooooooooo excited! They took off on their bikes to fish as soon as they could.

This morning they made thank you notes:

It was forecasted to rain in the afternoon, so I had them play outside in the morning, until lunch. For one of my boys, that was a mistake. He had to do writing today. He chose to skip it yesterday, so today he had to double up. This writing assignment isn’t difficult. He already had the outline written. He just needed to turn it into 3 paragraphs with the “dress-ups”. It’s probably 30 minutes of work, at the most. He fussed, moaned, carried on, screamed, cried, wouldn’t take my advice of lining up 3 Hershey’s Kisses and eating one after he completed a paragraph. He just wanted to spend 2 hours dreading and moaning. He was a disaster. Playing in the morning and working in the afternoon obviously doesn’t sit well with him. And you know what doesn’t sit well with me? Hearing him carry on for 2 hours.

Tomorrow’s a new day, although it’ll be a rainy one!

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