Will it be Third Time’s a Charm for FCPS???

This is the 7th week of the Stay at Home order and no school in the school buildings. It’s also the 3rd week of attempted synchronous learning. If you’re a reader of my blog, or better yet, if you’re living this out as a parent of a FCPS student, you’re very familiar with the botched attempts by the upper leadership. Today the teachers tried it again! And we’ll see by the end of the day if everything was successful, or if they need to throw in the towel again. Cross your fingers!

Yesterday (Sunday) I was back at cutting hair. This time Nathan and Caleb were under the scissors and buzzer. They both got a similar style: short on the back and sides and long on top. With Nathan’s straight hair, it looks like a bowl-cut. He’s had this style for years, but for the last couple of years, he’s had a cut like Isaac’s. He just looks more Nathan-like with a bowl-cut!

I have alerted my little students that the 6 most important days of their little lives are approaching. Do a good job, boys!

I hate to be too optimistic, but I think that I’ve settled into a groove of school/work/exercise. I was able to write a couple of important documents for work and I have a couple of work-related Zoom meetings this week. It’s nice to have something other than educating my boys on my mind! I’ve also been consistent about running and doing Piyo. I set a couple of personal goals after “Spring Break” to keep me motivated about something.

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