Fishing on Friday

The boys have really been having fun going fishing with their friends up the street, but they were not having very good luck. Mostly a problem with poor planning, we helped them today by having them slow down, remember to bring good bait (hotdog), and we also went with them to make sure they were doing okay with their fishing poles. As you can see, they had sweet fishy success. Hopefully they’ll do as well, if not better, when they go again alone, or with their friends.

Another thing to note about today is my mother-in-law, “Cici”. It’s her birthday today. We’ve been keeping our distance, but today we went over to visit, more than 6 feet away, on their patio and enjoyed cake and ice cream. The best part of all was that some of the choir spread out on her front lawn and sang “Happy Birthday” and a hymn of praise. It was terrific. My mother-in-law gives so much of her time and musical talent to our church family. She also has sewn 300 masks with the materials that she had in her sewing room. (More elastic is on the way, so more masks will be sewn soon!) It was fitting to have a serenade like this for such a giving person. Happy birthday, Cici! We love you!

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