Teacher Appreciation Week

This is Teacher Appreciation Week. Typically, we send in an allium to add a fun flower to the bouquet for the teachers, write notes, bake treats, etc… Now that my kids aren’t seeing their teachers in person, Teacher Appreciation Week is much different. Nathan drew a thank you card for his teacher and showed it to her during “Lunch Bunch without lunch” today. I’ll have the big boys email their thanks this week as well.

However, I’ve decided that this teacher, who has been devoting quite a few hours teaching her kids (especially Nathan) needs a Teacher Appreciation Week as well. And that’s really just my excuse to push them to clean up after themselves. Do you see that beautiful island? I feel like all day long I’m reminding the kids to clear their places, put things away, etc… They’re certainly old enough to do that, and to even notice that they need to do that. So! That’s what Teacher Appreciation Week looks like over here. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!

I also got a present in the mail today, in the form of more work. I’m a sucker for educating my kids, I guess. My last year teaching at Trinity, we switched the math curriculum to Saxon Math. When the representative came to talk with us about it the spring prior, I was skeptical about this approach, because it was different than the “normal” math curriculum. It would be difficult to explain over a blog. However, it’s back to the basics, solid, and awesome. Kids that normally would struggle in math didn’t, because it was so grounded in simple math facts. It was organized so well that concepts that would usually bring tears and frustration to some kids was like a walk in the park to them. It truly is superior to what they are teaching in public school. So! Since I’ve raved about it for years, I decided (and I’m a little sad that I didn’t do this 2 months earlier!) to buy the 3rd Grade curriculum for Nathan. I know we won’t finish it before June 12th, of course, but I’m determined to complete it with Nathan. We’ll have to have a Saxon Math party when he’s done.

And finally, I’m so proud of how shiny and clear this butter drawer is, so I have to share it with you. On Monday, the emptiest day of the fridge’s life, I took out the remaining food (not much!) and gave the fridge a BIG clean while I quizzed Nathan on his spelling words. Multitasking at its finest.

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