Week 9 of the Schuttinga’s Coronavirus Homeschool in Review

Some new adventures we have begun in Schuttinga Homeschool.

But first, I had a great Mother’s Day. I usually like Mother’s Day to be like a normal Sunday – nothing flashy. This year the boys weren’t in school, obviously, so they had to make their Mother’s Day cards at home. They were pretty cute. The boys also made chocolate chip waffles for Sunday brunch. Mmmmm… We also had a nerf battle in the backyard, which was super fun.

I almost never have my picture taken with just me and my boys. I think this should become an annual tradition.

On the garden front…

Peonies picked on Monday
This is what they’re looking like on Thursday
I’ve wanted to do this for years…
… and since I don’t want Lizzie drinking from the bird bath…
… I planted succulents in the bird bath! (You can also see swamp iris and my boys on the patio)

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I purchased the Saxon Math curriculum for Nathan, and we’re going through the lessons quickly. It’s amazing how fast you can teach only one kid. I’ve heard rumors, that sound very likely, about the kids not going back to school until at least January. Caleb is doing very well with online learning. His teachers are able to give him a good amount of work. I’m thankful that I’ve been teaching Isaac how to write since March, and I’m currently teaching math, reading, writing, spelling, and phonics to Nathan. I’m going to buy a math curriculum for Isaac, now that it’s likely that he’ll be home until at least January.

Daniel has learned a new skill – how to dye his wife’s hair! Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful… (Do you remember those commercials?)

The haircut cape now has a new look. Hairdye!
Looking more brunette

And finally, Isaac is a very funny person. His one-liners crack me up, so it made my blog. He’s “Momma’s Man” this week. I said that he could help me wash the bathrooms. He replied, “I don’t do bathrooms”. Well…

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