Coronavirus Homeschool Week 10 in Review

Caleb’s math
He does 7th Grade math. It’s beyond me. He’s hoping to be taking Algebra next year when he’s in 7th Grade.
Nathan’s math
He has a “morning meeting” at the beginning of each lesson.
Isaac’s math
I’m having fun using the board. It brings me back…

You might say that math was a big focus of the week. This was the first week that I started teaching 6th Grade math. Ever. It starts out small, and I hope that I’ll be able to understand it by the end! I’m sure that I will. Saxon Math is amazing.

Caleb, my math nerd, had a little funny math story this week. He was really working hard on his math quiz. It took him over an hour, and he wondered the whole time if he was able to use a calculator. Well, he got 9/10. I encouraged him to email his teacher after he submitted his quiz to ask if he could have used a calculator. Well, not only was he supposed to use a calculator, but a formula sheet as well! So, he took it again, it took 15 minutes, and he got a perfect score. It must be nice to be an ace at math…

Caleb doing online school
Nathan’s work laid out
Isaac feverishly completing his math facts sheet
Nathan spelling in rice
Nathan spelling with playdough

Have I told you how terrible Nathan is at spelling? I mean, he doesn’t have a clue. And for a person who has always been good at spelling, I just don’t understand. I bought a phonics book for him around Thanksgiving, but until the Stay at Home Order, we didn’t do much with it. Now it’s become a daily focus. He does a week’s worth of work in a day and then I quiz him on the concept. Whatever words he doesn’t know how to spell become his spelling words for the week.

Now. The kid HATES to write. If I require him to write the words 10 times, or write a sentence for each word, I would just hear a lot of moaning, crying, griping, yelling… I made letter tiles for him, but he was going to need to practice these words all week. What else could I do???

Ah ha! I’ll use the rice from Isaac’s cursive lesson and playdough! Worked like a charm.

On Friday we worked until lunch, and then…

Happy 74th Birthday, Papa Touchdown!

Okay. Confession time. We were invited to celebrate my dad’s birthday. There were 11 people. And we’re not even in Phase 1 yet!

This was the first time in 10 weeks that we have gone into someone’s house as a family. It felt strange but normal at the same time.

If we get sick, I’m blaming it on the delicious birthday cake that Quincy and Papa blew on.

We had a blast. Caleb said that it was the best day that he’s had in a long time. And isn’t it so nice that the best day involved family and badmitton? I’m hoping that this summer will be filled with simple days like this one.

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