Civil War Tunnel Hike

Today Daniel took us on another hike 2 miles from our house.  We drove to the nearest parking lot to us at Lake Accotink and then walked almost 1 mile on the Cross County Trail.  Hidden in the woods is a Civil War Tunnel!  Lots of cars drive right over it to get to the Lake Accotink Park Office or the parking lot and never know it’s there.  How cool is that?  IMG_20180127_171515082

Here’s a part from a local write up:

RELIC HUNTERS through the years took their toll on the artifacts before Lake Accotink became a park. A little-known brick tunnel built by the Confederates remains on the grounds, where the train crossed a smaller creek. One of the bricks was marked “CSA” (Confederate States of America) and another “1862.” The CSA brick was taken years ago. The park’s staff removed the 1862 brick before relic hunters could find it. The brick is now one of the artifacts the park has on display.”


If you want to read more about Lake Accotink’s Civil War history, here’s a link:

Happy hiking!


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