Sundays are Special

To my family, Sundays are always special, but it’s even more so during this time of “Stay at home”. Monday through Friday we dress casually and do homeschool. Saturday is another even more casual day. But on Sunday, Daniel and I have stressed the importance of dressing up to show respect for the special day, even if you’re worshipping at home. We aren’t worshipping our awesome and almighty God together in one building, but the church is a people, not a building.

Isaac connecting with his Sunday School class over Zoom. It was so sweet to overhear him and his class while I was getting ready to head out the door. They are studying the gospel book of John.
I went in to church again this Sunday. There were 9 people making the service work from the sanctuary and several more at home lead remotely. The super and amazing Large Group Sunday School teacher was able to teach from her home today. I’m so thankful for talented and cheerful musicians to help me lead the songs for the children. Ursula singing acapella isn’t so great.

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