The Bathrooms got Cleaned during Coronavirus Homeschool Day 14!!!

Well Folks, it took 2 and a half weeks of determined effort to get Nathan to be a more independent writer, and today my hard work paid off! I had time to clean the bathroom during the school day!!!

Lenten Rose

Daffodils with a little Grape Hyacinth

Bleeding Hearts

Creeping Phlox

Let’s take a break from homeschool-talk a bit and take a look at my spring garden. I love the soft colors of the spring garden and somehow the flowers look old fashioned to me. My backyard had gone through so many different looks. Last spring, I did major adjustments because we put up a new fence. I had to tear almost everything out and transplant or throw out. Things look at little disjointed. Also, in the fall, we built a fort and a new shed. My wildflower garden has to be moved as I see things sprouting next to the fort. They won’t survive getting trampled everyday. One day my backyard will look the way I want it.

(Yeah right…)

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